Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, 04.14.20

It’s been one of those “lowkey overdo it on CBD, listen to white noise for five hours, and try to get work done” sort of days. Y’all have those too, right? 😬

A macOS screensaver that simulates an increasingly absurd Zoom call.

I’ll stick with Brooklyn — lest I give myself an anxiety attack over thinking that I forgot about a meeting — but I’ll keep this in my back pocket for future pranking purposes. (via)


What we have done is to “jailbreak” the the AirSense 10 CPAP machine, a common, low-cost sleep therapy device intended to treat sleep apnea, so that it is possible to run additional tasks on the device. These new tasks add the features and adjust the range of parameters that make it possible to use the device as a temporary ventilator.

This is incredibly clever. My only hope is that it doesn’t drive up the cost of the AirSense 10 and its supplies on the CPAP grey market as people start to panic buy them up.


I’m not really a drone guy, but I do like the concept of this small, hackable, open source powered, mini drone kit (allegedly) coming soon to Kickstarter.

Arcade Game Typography

Vintage video games and deep dives into typography: two great tastes that taste great together. (via)

Okay, that’ll do for today. How about a nap? 💤


Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, 04.08.20

How about a quick one (while he’s stuck inside)?

The Cool Quarantine

Henry Rollins’ new four hour long — 😳 — online radio show in conjunction with KCRW.

It’s got everything: Cramps bootlegs recorded by Ian MacKaye, early Joy Division album pressings, Black Flag stories, no FCC constraints…


Apple’s default screensavers are pretty boring, TBH. To the point where I would put my display to sleep instead of dropping into one when I wander away from my desk.

This loving recreation of animated Apple logos — taken from their Brooklyn Academy of Music event in 2018 — by Pedro Carrasco has got me using my screensaver hot corner again though. ❤️

Is This a Sandwich?

Classify some foods, get a personal, D&D style alignment chart.

I got Lawful Good. Usually, in other alignment tests, I’m a Lawful Neutral — but I won’t deny that I can be a bit of a sandwich purist.

And that, dear readers, is all he wrote.