Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, 04.27.20

I wish weekends felt more like weekends and less like days where I’m not financially obligated to sit at my computer. I need something relaxing, but everything rn is stressful and weird.

Usually, when I’m feeling stressed, I take a few days off, pack the dogs and Sarah into the Jeep, and head out to Palm Springs or Pismo Beach. Don’t really have that luxury right now.

I guess I need to upend my routine or something. 🤔

Mini vMac 3DS

The total lack of documentation on the GitHub page for this project is very much a “You’re on your own, bro.” sort of statement. But if you can get it to work — and people have — you can run System 7 on a 3DS. 😍


A macOS app that adds a translucent, color temperature adjustable overlay on your screen.

Pretty handy! Especially since all of the key lights that are worth a shit are sold out rn. (via)

Baphomet Pee-wee Herman Sticker

I mean, it’s kind of all right there in the title, isn’t it? (via)

The Cool Quarantine, Episode 2

I missed this when it dropped last week, but Henry Rollins is back with another 4 hours of great freeform radio.

“Expert Twitter” Only Goes So Far

Twitter was optimized for links and short musings. It’s not well suited for complex discussions or nuanced analyses. As a result, the feeds of these newly emerged pandemic experts are often a messy jumble of re-ups, unrolled threads, and screenshot excerpts of articles. We can do better.

TL;DR: Get a blog.

I’ve already got one, so I’m sure you can understand how I might be bullish about them… 🤣

Five is good for today, right?

Until next time, friends!


Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, 04.08.20

How about a quick one (while he’s stuck inside)?

The Cool Quarantine

Henry Rollins’ new four hour long — 😳 — online radio show in conjunction with KCRW.

It’s got everything: Cramps bootlegs recorded by Ian MacKaye, early Joy Division album pressings, Black Flag stories, no FCC constraints…


Apple’s default screensavers are pretty boring, TBH. To the point where I would put my display to sleep instead of dropping into one when I wander away from my desk.

This loving recreation of animated Apple logos — taken from their Brooklyn Academy of Music event in 2018 — by Pedro Carrasco has got me using my screensaver hot corner again though. ❤️

Is This a Sandwich?

Classify some foods, get a personal, D&D style alignment chart.

I got Lawful Good. Usually, in other alignment tests, I’m a Lawful Neutral — but I won’t deny that I can be a bit of a sandwich purist.

And that, dear readers, is all he wrote.