Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, 04.22.20

We’ve got a big one today. The next post might suffer for it, but why should I sit on all of these tasty morsels and end up get scooped by the likes of Kottke and Waxy? πŸ˜„

Epidemic Lofi

Let’s kick the day off on a chill note. This Soundcloud playlist from Epidemic Sound has damn near 200 songs worth of lofi hip hop vibes to get you through your day.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll use whatever I can to get through my day at this point.

Blind Users Struggle with State Coronavirus Websites

Forty-one of the 50 state pages we surveyed contained low-contrast text, which can be challenging for users with low vision, including seniors, who are at higher risk in the outbreak.

Navigation was another challenge for users with visual disabilities. Thirty-one of the 50 state pages contained empty links or buttons, which means a screen reader will not be able to tell the user what the button does or where the link is supposed to go.


Of course most of these sites are lousy on accessibility. People with disabilities tend to be an afterthought all over the web.

Big Honking Button

Why press Y to honk when you can press a big honking button instead?

This is more than “just a button” though β€” it’s a hackable, one-button sampler that runs CircuitPython.

Psilocybin Produced in Yeast

Too bad there’s a yeast shortage, because I could really stand to get trip balls on some dough rn. 🍞


Keep a gopher network alive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland – your community will thank you for it.

I’m pretty fucked out on post-apocalypse shit at the moment, but I really adore the concept and style of this (free!) game produced as part of Ludum Dare 46. (via)


Nothing means anything anymore β€” and, as we covered the other day, the internet feels pretty 90s lately β€” so why not make something that looks like Win98? (via)

People of the Pandemic

An effective visualization of how a pandemic can spread through a community, masquerading as a game. πŸ¦ πŸ•Ή

I find it interesting that the game uses the decisions of 19 previous players to inject a little entropy into your decisions. Because, in situations like these, you’ve always gotta worry about what the other assholes in your town are doing… πŸ™„


I know what some of y’all are saying… “$350 for a typeface for my terminal?! Are you high?”

I mean, a little. 😬 Don’t worry though β€” there’s also a more modest $70 version for the junior ballers in the crowd.

Still, take some time to look at the specimen and fuck with the playground on the site. I’m sure you’ll agree that MonoLisa is a beaut.

Hoo boy. πŸ₯± Let’s call it a day, shall we?

Hope to see all you nice people back around here soon!

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Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, 04.21.20

Hrm. Today’s edition ended up being a bit rona heavy. Sorry about that. 😬 It wasn’t intentional, honest. I just went where the currents took me.

If I could’ve posted about the ginormous bumblebee that’s been going HAM on the flowers outside of my office window since this morning, I totally would have β€” but I couldn’t find any links about it.

C’est la vie.

Rich Americans Activate New Zealand Pandemic Escape Plans

This lede… 😳

As coronavirus infections tore across the U.S. in early March, a Silicon Valley executive called the survival shelter manufacturer Rising S Co. He wanted to know how to open the secret door to his multimillion-dollar bunker 11 feet underground in New Zealand.

The tech chief had never used the bunker and couldn’t remember how to unlock it.


  1. This asshole clearly needs to read Cory Doctorow‘s Masque of the Red Death.
  2. I already know the answer to this, but what sort of prepper doesn’t even bother to familiarize themselves with the shit that’s supposed to keep them alive?


Amoeba Music Needs Help To Survive

One of my all-time favorite record stores is running a GoFundMe to help keep the lights on in these times:

All three of our stores have been closed since mid-March and must remain closed indefinitely. With no way to generate income, our savings are running out, with bills and rent coming due, and with a primary commitment to our staff, who we are trying to keep as healthy and financially sound as possible.

They’re still shipping out online orders too, so consider picking up some music or merch if GoFundMe isn’t your bag.

Webcomic Name Face Masks

Everybody’s selling face masks now. But I only know of one person selling face masks with the punchline from Webcomic Name on them…

Stripe Is Silently Recording Your Movements on Its Customers’ Websites

They claim to be doing this in the name of fraud detection β€” which is a very necessary thing in the eCommerce world β€” but I’m still lowkey cranky about this. (via)

How to Fix Virtual Cameras in Zoom 4.6.9+ for macOS

People use virtual cameras for a lot more than Zoombombing, so I’m glad that someone has figured out how to work around the restriction Zoom put in place with version 4.6.9 of their software on macOS. (via)

What Self-Isolation Has Taught Us About Cooking

As someone who has never cooked at home as much as he has in the past couple months, this article from the Serious Eats team shows that even the pros are learning new things and having their fair share of problems.

All I know is that β€” as someone who is exhausted by endless dishes and overwhelmed by meal planning β€” I really needed to read it. Maybe you do too.

Leave Philly Alone

I would like variations on this fantastic t-shirt for every municipality, please and thank you. (thx)

Okay, y’all… Enough sitting at my desk.

Since the weather here will be in the eighties the rest of the week β€” and continuing to rise 😩 β€” it’s high time to get out of the house and enjoy the rest of this partly cloudy 73Β° F day.


Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, 04.20.20

Fetch the bolt cutters β€” and happy super 420 β€” it’s time for some links!

Star Wars Videoconferencing Backgrounds

If whatever y’all are using for videoconferencing allows you to load virtual backgrounds, the official Star Wars blog has released a metric crapload of great ones.

I popped into a work meeting from the Millennium Falcon this afternoon and it felt awesome.

Setting Up Your Computer for Remote Work, Podcasting, Videos, and Streaming

Speaking of videoconferencing, this resource from Matt Stauffer has helped me think about how I need to step it up on the video front β€” both because I work from home and because I’m a regular on the best WordPress podcast in the game.

Seinfeld Adventure

The pitch: What if Monkey Island, but Seinfeld? (via)

Why Does It Suddenly Feel like 1999 on the Internet?

I thought it was because I follow a handful of people on Mastodon who have been:

  1. Building stuff on the Gopher inspired Gemini protocol.
  2. Getting super into HyperCard.

But nope, looks like the internet is running in classic mode for more than just me. πŸ€”

Why Does WordPress Notify Google That I’m Writing This?

Turns out that the WordPress block editor (AKA Gutenberg) loads Google’s Noto font from Google servers every time you go to write or edit a post.

From a privacy standpoint, that’s not great, Bob. But at least there’s a way to disable it.

Papercraft Computers

If you’re looking for something to do β€” and all the puzzles you look at seem to be on back order β€” why not try a little vintage hardware papercraft? (via)

Alright… So that’s Monday.

Guess I better go start dinner and watch last night’s Westworld before the internet spoils it. 😬